AMYing for a Cure

This year's AMYing for a Cure event is being held on January 25, 2020, at St. Vital Arena in partnership with Female Hockey Winnipeg for its annual All-Star Game.

Ken Westman and his family underwent a tragic event in 2009. Their family member and loved one, Amy died by suicide.

“I realized how much we don’t know about mental health, especially how to find help,” Ken says. “That is why I decided to start this tournament to help raise awareness, educate the youth and raise money for programs to support mental health.”

Ken decided to use hockey as a way to educate and raise awareness of mental illness in youth. He then created the AMYing for a Cure fundraiser in hopes that no one else would have to lose a family member or friend to mental illness as his family had. AMYing for a Cure in partnership with Female Hockey Winnipeg has become a fundraiser put on to educate, raise awareness and raise funds for MDAM. 

This fundraising event has been held each year since 2016 at the annual All-Star Game in January. This year, the All-Star Game - and AMYing for a Cure - are on January 25, 2020 at St. Vital Arena.

The AMYing for a Cure event encourages the players and their families to learn more about mental health all while raising funds to support MDAM. Last year, the event raised over $27,000 for our youth programming. 

Check out this video we created last year for AMYing for a Cure! This years event will be on January 25, 2020.



You can make a donation to AMYing for a Cure and help support MDAM's youth programming by clicking the button below.

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