She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

SWFIHH is an event in memory of Jaedra Winter, who lost her life to suicide when she was only 17 years old. This event is organized by Jaedra’s family and friends to create a safe community to bring awareness to mental health, to help recognize the signs of depression and suicidal thoughts and to provide resources to those in need. 

The event creates a safe space to talk about mental health and provides various entertainment and activities throughout the day. Past events have included performers such as, CTV's The Launch Season 2 Winner Olivia Lunny, Robb Nash, Bold as Lions, Alone I Walk, Garett & Nazeem, Chris Harris, Take me Two LA. SWF also includes inspirational speakers, flower crown workshops, axe throwing, a vendor market, braid bar, yoga, volleyball tournament with prizes, therapy puppies, silent auction, mental health resource and a self-care booth, flower wing wall, a free lunch by Pony Corral & much more.

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Instagram: @officialsheworeflowers


2019 She Wore Flowers in Her Hair 

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2019 She Wore Flowers in Her Hair event! And thank you to our amazing partners, Kelburn Recovery Centre and the Pony Corral! With your help we were able to raise $10,500 in support of mental health and suicide awareness.

Check out some of the pictures from this years event below! Next years date to be announced soon!


Event Partners


About Kelburn Recovery Centre

Kelburn Recovery Centre is a premier center providing substance use and related mental health & addiction programs in a private setting to ensure critical guest confidentiality.

Their mission is to create and maintain a lasting relationship with our guests, families, employers, services purchase partners, government departments, and community service providers. At Kelburn Recovery Centre, you will become part of the family from your first entry and going forward in your life.

Kelburn Recovery Centre is an executive:

  • Client centred– they work to meet your needs – they help you to develop a wellness and recovery plan that suits your goals and lifestyle – they listen to you
  • Holistic – Addiction is multi-faceted and they recognize that recovery should address the variety of experiences of each individual: body, mind, spirit, emotion and social.
  • Success oriented– they help you to find the tools and resources to get clean and to maintain your recovery.
  • Flexible – They are aware that there are many roads to recovery – they want to guide you along the path that best fits your desires and needs.
  • Strengths based– they want you to complete treatment and then get back into your life and community with increased confidence. They believe that practicing your new found skills in real life will make you stronger.
  • Supportive –  aftercare is offered to help you stay on your path and meet your self identified goals.
  • Evidence Based– They keep up to date on new models of addiction and mental health recovery which are based on evidence and science.
  • Choice centred –  is an important component in addiction and mental health recovery. They will not push you in a direction that does not fit for you.

Kelburn is for you if prefer:

  • Smaller groups
  • Individualized programming
  • Daily 1-1 counselling
  • Trust and being treated with respect
  • Flexibility – programming that meets your needs
  • Mental wellness as a focus
  • Time to attend to business matters if needed
  • Evidence based models of treatment
  • No mandatory 12-step group meetings

Contact Information

P.O Box 399, 1293 Kelburn Road, St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1A0

Phone :+1-855-857-6768

Fax :+1-204-275-2111