MDAM's 11th Annual
In the Mood Gala

To help us continue to expand the important services we offer, MDAM is hosting the 2020 In the Mood Gala on March 21st at the Fort Garry Hotel. Our In the Mood Gala continues to be our most significant fundraiser and its success if critical to maintaining and growing the services we offer at MDAM. 

MDAM has had its doors open 365 days a year for the past 36 years to offer peer support to those in Manitoba who need it. Peer support is a core component of recovery from mental illness and addictions and we at MDAM need your help to ensure we can continue to offer this much needed peer support to Manitobans.


Your support is crucial in ensuring our 11th annual In the Mood Gala is a successful fundraising event! When you purchase tickets, become a sponsor or donate, you will be helping to ensure we continue to operate and expand our services.

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Evening Program

March 21, 2020

Hotel Fort Garry, Grand Ballroom


Can't Attend? 

If you can't attend the 2020 In the Mood Gala but would like to show your support, you can make a donation through the button below.


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