MDAM's teen support group offers the opportunity to share feelings, thoughts and experiences in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. The groups provide a place for mutual acceptance, understanding and self-discovery. This group is open to teens experiencing symptoms related to depression or have been diagnosed with depression.

This support group is offered every Wednesday at 5:30-7pm.

Group Format:     

  • During the first half of the group, members will have the opportunity to each share personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.      
  • The 2nd part of group encourages an open table discussion, or a topic(s) which has been chosen by the facilitator.
  • Groups exceeding 10 participants will be split equally into 2 separate groups 

Group Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Confidentiality: Members may not discuss anything outside of the group about support groups discussions or members. To do so, violates each member’s right to confidentiality and undermines the usefulness of the group support system. While it is good to encourage members to contact and rely on each other for support, no member should contact a support member outside of the group without prior permission of that person.
  2. Kindness and Support: Members should treat each other as they would want to be treated: respectfully.
  3. Courtesy: Sharing personal feelings and experiences is encouraged, but not required. It may take extraordinary courage for some members to trust another member in the group. However, members should be free to express their personal experiences in these matters.
  4. Advice: The group should not recommend any particular course of action, physician, course of treatment, or medication. However, members should be free to express their personal experiences in these matters.
  5. Judgement: Avoid judging other participants & the actions they take. The anticipated judgements can undermine the confidence needed to share one’s deepest fears & hopes.
  6. Attendance: Members are encouraged to be on time for meetings and attend regularly as long as they find personal value in the group process.  A member should feel welcome to return to the group at any time.
  7. Cell Phones: All cell phones must be turned off during groups.

Time & Place

Date and Time

April 4, 2017
5:30pm to 7:00pm


MDAM office
100-4 Fort St.