Workshop: Cognitive Behaviour with Tina Holland

Length: 6 Weeks

Description: Cognitive Behavior with Tina Holland is a 6 week workshop designed for those interested in furthering thier education on CBT and gaining additional skills to manage thier mental illness. Participants will learn to accept they have a mental illness, which is interfering with their ability to live a complete and meaningful life. As well as learn new and valuable skills to effectively deal with their mental illness and live a productive and managable life.

Session Topics include:

Session 1: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Approaches and Mental Illnesses

Session 2: Dealing with Generalized Anxiety, Self-Help Strategies for Worrying

Session 3: Examining the Way You Think

Session 4: Thought Distortions

Session 5: Steps to Solve Problems

Session 6: Personal Challenges, Setting Boundaries.

Facilitator: Tina Holland has been involved with Mood Disorders for over 20 years. Tina has been a facilitator and a mentor and has taught Mental Health First Aid and Cognitive Behavior Therapy workshops for many years. Currently, Tina is the Family Navigation Coordinator for Mood Disorders.

Extra Information 

*Disclaimer, this course has been developed and is taught by Tina Holland, Family Navigation Coordinator.

The approach used in this workshop is from a self-help and lived experience perspective. It is the next step in the recovery of persons with mental illness

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Time & Place

Date and Time

February 8, 2019
1:00pm to 4:00pm


MDAM Office (Multipurpose Room)
4 Fort St.