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Family Navigation Services

Staffing & Contact

Bonnie Bricker, Director of Family Navigation
Phone: 204-396-7923

Kirsten, Family Navigation & Women’s Programming
Phone: 204-509-6083

About Family Nav

Family Navigation services aims to work together with social and mental health service providers to bring about positive change through public awareness and education. As parents we understand how difficult it is to help our children through life. They need to develop tools to navigate living in the world. We also understand how frustrating and overwhelming this can be for family when mental health concerns complicate living a quality life. We are here to help parents, the circle of care, to understand how their role has changed and what they can do to help their children help themselves.

We approach each family with a peer support ideal that is person centered. Trying to find the right help within the mental health care system is often a daunting, frustrating experience that is time consuming and the delays can be life threatening. We will work with the families to find options that they can choose from by providing information and demystifying the process so that informed choices can be made. This includes but is not limited to, advocating on a day-to-day basis for families relying on social and mental health providers and services to help their loved ones who have mental health concerns.

Our Services

Same day response
Phone in or face to face visits
Community service information & Connection
Advocating with stakeholders and professionals
Outreach services throughout the province
Continuous support for families

No Referral Requires, No Fees, No Application, No Age Limits, No Border Limitations

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