Peer Support and Services in the Eastman Region

Presentation & Workshop Requests

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CURRENT: Online Peer Support:

Please note that while in-person peer support has been temporarily put on hold, online peer support groups are running. For information and attendance, please click here.

Peer Support Groups

Springfield Connections
Date & Time: Due to Covid-19, all in person meetings have been suspended.  Work is being done to hold our meetings again. Please contact us to find out more information.

*If you are interested in any of the Eastman Region group or would like one on one support, help with locating resources, or for any information on any upcoming workshops that we may have planned, please contact us through Email or 204-250-3079.


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Eastman Region Contact

Phone: (204) 250-3079


Eastman Crisis Phone List

All Rural Farm and Rural Stress Line: 866-367-3276

North Eastman: 866-427-8628

South Eastman: 204-326-9276 or toll-free 888-617-7715