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Shae Jensen, Peer Support Worker, Interlake Region, Manitoba

I was born and raised in rural St. Andrews and went to school in Selkirk. As a youth, I joined many of the local extracurricular activities, such as dance, soccer, swimming, and volleyball. After attending university in Saskatchewan, I moved back to Manitoba, and have been living in rural St. Andrews ever since. I have spent many years mentoring and working with marginalized youth in the setting of Saskatchewan’s northern wilderness. I believe that being in a natural and remote environment fosters a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere for youth to explore their mental health and help to establish new, healthy coping mechanisms.

Through MDAM, I aspire to support our community’s most vulnerable populations including youth and teens, women, and those struggling with trauma resulting from all areas of abuse.

My goal is to help empower our community through peer support!


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Shae Jensen

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All Rural Farm and Rural Stress Line: 866-367-3276

Interlake: 866-427-8628