Mental Health Workshops


We will EDUCATE your workforce on a wide range of topics related to mental health and wellness.

We will EQUIP your workforce with the necessary skills and tools required to address their personal mental health and wellness.

We will EMPOWER your workforce to understand and support their peers.

One in three people will encountered a mental illness at some point in their lives. Many people spend a good portion of their life working, so it is important for workforces to be EDUCATED and EQUIPPED to understand mental illness.


We have two versions of each presentation; one catered to leadership/management and one catered towards employees.


This session will help participants to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout, understand how to influence factors that contribute to burnout, understand the risks of burnout, and develop strategies to prevent personal and work-related burnout.

Psychological Health and Safety

A psychologically safe workplace protects the mental health of its workforce and helps to decrease mental injury including abuse, discrimination, harassment, and a poisoned work environment. Participants will leave with an understanding of the importance of psychological safety at work, how to promote psychological health, and what can put psychological health at risk.


You will learn strategies to deal with incidents and concerns, and strategies to implement to promote the psychological health and safety of your team.  Employees spend a significant amount of their daily life at work and their individual wellness and well-being will contribute to job satisfaction, self-esteem, job fulfillment, as well as measurable improvement in organizational health.

Emotional Intelligence

The development of emotional intelligence skills can greatly contribute to one’s overall success.  Participants will learn about the emotional intelligence competencies including but not limited to, stress management, self-perception, interpersonal skills, self-expression and decision-making.  This session will provide a general overview of emotional intelligence, and the value of an emotionally supportive workplace where employees can recognize their own emotions, and the emotions of others when making decisions. (Individualized EQi assessments and debrief options are available and recommended)

Peer Support

Information coming soon.



Evidence shows that building resilience in teams can help ensure psychological safety in work settings. Employees can become overwhelmed with demands in their work and home lives. Building resilience can help us learn, develop, and move forward.  This session will help individuals with strategies to build resilience, to recognize stress and personal responses to stress, to choose healthy strategies, to find balance and support, and to develop coping strategies.

Mental Health and Addictions

This session will introduce you to ways to help identify substance use or impairment, strategies to deal with persons with suspected mental health and

addiction and will provide you with an overview of workplace responsibilities to accommodate and support people with impairment or substance abuse issues. Participants will also leave this session with knowledge of when and where to refer employees suffering from impairment or substance abuse.

Indigenous Psychological Health and Safety

Information coming soon.

The Presentors

The workshops will be delivered by one of the following experts in mental health.


Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver is a licenced health care professional and business executive. Amy is President of Amy Oliver + Co, a company which provides assessment, advisory, and coaching services in leadership, management, and strategy in health industries and on health-related topics.  

Amy has a proven history as a business owner, and has coached and developed over 100 business owners and high performing teams within the health industry. Amy brings with her a decade of experience in the areas of business growth, operations, strategic planning, leadership and engagement, customer experience, people and program development, facilitation, change management, advocacy, and regulatory affairs.

Amy is a licensed pharmacist, a globally certified project management professional, and a certified leadership coach. She also holds a certificate in advanced strategic management and leadership, and is an MBA candidate with a dual concentration in organizational leadership and health administration. Amy is passionate about diversity and mental health in business.

Rose Roulette

Rose Roulette is an off band member of Sandy Bay First Nation of Treaty #1. She was born in Gladstone, Manitoba but was raised in Langruth, Manitoba. ​She holds a diploma in Community Support Worker- Herzing College. She is also an Aboriginal Language Specialist in Ojibway which she received her diploma from Red River College. The knowledge she received as an Aboriginal Language Specialist gave her the opportunity to work with students at the University of Winnipeg Lab in teaching them Ojibway.

She also worked at the Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre Inc in the Head Start Program as a Teacher’s Assistant then to Senior Mentor.

She believes being compassionate, empathetic, reliable and being altruistic are qualities that are needed to work with people from various vulnerable sectors of the community. The life experiences have taught her to help those who want to be helped, the support and guidance to make one’s life an easier transition for their daily living. Identifying the needs and wants of the Indigenous Youth.

She comes from a Traditional and Ceremonial background with a knowledge that will help the youth. In the belief that the youth are the next generation to help and educate the next generation to understand Mental Health issues and concerns while embracing and sharing their knowledge to their community members.

Lisa Gower

Lisa Gower's academic background is in fine art (BFA) and child study and education (MA). Lisa's earlier working life included positions as a literacy/reading teacher, classroom teacher, resource teacher, non-profit family literacy workshop facilitator, curriculum consultant for Indigenous studies, and private tutor. Lisa have been lucky to be able to live in a number of Manitoba communities (Selkirk, Brandon, and Winnipeg), as well as Toronto, Montgomery, Alabama, and Mankato, Minnesota.



For further information on pricing please contact, Rachel Westman,, or 204-560-1468.


For more information or to schedule a workshop please contact Rachel Westman,, or 204-560-1468.