Family Navigation Services

Navigating through Manitoba’s mental health care system can be scary and overwhelming; especially for a family going through crisis. When seeking psychiatric support, families often face a 12 to 18 month waiting period. Volunteers and employees at MDAM have a vast amount of experience navigating through the health care system and are aware of the current challenges in accessing services.  Our Family Navigation program is dedicated to supporting families navigating through the mental health care system in various ways including:

  • Peer support groups
  • Help finding medical/ professional supports
  • Education, assistance, and advocacy
  • One-on-one appointments to discuss current struggles and determine available resources, supports, and next steps

Family Navigation Hours & Contact

Our Family Navigation Co-ordinator is available every Wednesday in the Parents Group from 5:30-7:00 (4 Fort St) and the Friends and Family Group from 7:00—9:00 (4 Fort St) to answer questions and provide support within a peer support group setting. These groups are free of charge and are drop-in.

Every Saturday from 10am-3pm one-on-one appointments can be scheduled by e-mailing