The Unloading Zone


Manitobans can book a time to speak to a Peer Support Worker one-on-one in their area by contacting:

Indigenous Peer Support:

In Winnipeg:

In the Eastman Region:

In the Central Region:

In the Interlake Region:

In the Parkland Region:

In the Northern Region:

The Unloading Zone gives Manitobans a chance to unload their worries with someone who cares. 

Now more than ever, we need each other. We depend so much on those around us to get through the challenges of our new normal. Through the unease of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM) is pleased to facilitate people supporting people. 

Across the province of Manitoba, a team of peer support workers will be there, online. Join them in the 'Unloading Zone' an addition to MDAM's peer support phone line (available seven days a week). Manitobans feeling the need to release can receive free, one-on-one peer support via video chat. This is additional support for the people of our community who have already given so much of themselves to others. Rely on us. MDAM's peer support workers are committed to being the support you deserve.

The Unloading Zone and our Peer Support Workers are here at no cost to give you the space to breathe, decompress, and be heard. Localized support is so important to be able to understand the unique needs of a community. Rural areas of the province do not have the same resources as the urban centers and it is one of MDAM’s goals to bring peer support to all Manitobans.