Support groups provide a safe and caring environment for individuals to share and support each other through common experiences. Through the company of peers, those suffering with a mood disorder will know they're not alone.

MDAM's support groups are facilitated by qualified staff members and volunteers who have personal experience with mental illness. In addition to our open support group which anyone can join, we offer a range of support groups by topic. Support groups usually run for 2 hours and are limited to about 10 people.

A diagnosis is not required to attend. Support groups are free of charge and registration is not required.

View our calendar for support group meeting dates or download our support group schedule here (Winnipeg location). For more information contact the MDAM office at (204) 786-0987.

Please note: due to Covid-19

Peer Support Phone lines


Monday to Friday 9 am to 9 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Online groups

Many of our groups have moved online.

See our Facebook page for meeting details at


Support Groups Offered

Bipolar Disorder

For those affected by bipolar disorder, this group provides access to resources and offers peer support from those within the group.


This is a general support meeting for anyone experiencing a mood disorder. It is an opportunity to share, gather resources and supports. All are welcome.

LGBT Mood Disorders

For those who identify with the LGBT community and are living with a mood disorder. MDAM provides a safe space to share, access resources, and offer/receive peer support.


Designed for people experiencing depression and/or anxiety, these meetings allow participants to share and learn from peer supports how to better manage their symptoms as well as use available resources and supports.

Postpartum Depression

Specifically for parents who are experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety, these meetings allow moms and partners to share supports and strategies, and discuss their own experiences amongst peers. Babies are welcome!


This group offers support for those who have a friend or loved one experiencing a mood disorder. These meetings offer support and resources, and allow family and friends to share what it's like for them.