Turning Pages is a community-based mental health program offered in partnership with the University of Manitoba for adults 50 – 70 years.  

Turning pages is rooted in evidence and best practice to help support and improve the mental health symptoms of older adults.

Core components of the Turning Pages program include providing education, opportunities for skill building (cognitive behavioural therapy with mindfulness), peer support, and meaningful connections to community resources.

The program is now at a cost of $40 for the full 6 weeks. The next 6 week sesssion begins October 2nd, from 2-4pm at 4 Fort St. To register visit Eventbrite.

Interested in more information? Download the Turning Pages Program Brochure.

Check out the latest CBC News article and CTV News video clips on Turning Pages here & here.

Also, visit our store for Turning Pages merchanise. All proceeds donated to the Turning Pages Program.