Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba

Upcoming Events

2017 In the Mood Gala

MDAM’s annual In the Mood Gala will be held on Saturday, February 25 2017 at the Hotel Fort Garry Grand Ballroom. Tickets prices include $200 for an individual, $275 for Patron and $1600 for a Corporate table. Money raised this year will be used to provide education and support for youth, parents and those living with depression. For more information please contact Charlotte through email or through phone 204-942-8715 or 204-295-5077.

For full printable In the Mood Gala Invite click here

Voices of Angels

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MDAM presents the 8th Annual Voices of Angels concert and fundraiser. This event will be held on March 17th & 18th at the Watson Arts Centre in Dauphin MB. Tickets are $15 for one evening or $25 for both evenings. Tickets are available at the Watson Arts Center or may be purchased by contacting Eleanor at 204-638-7278.

Baby Blues and Better Days


Baby Blues and Better days is a 4 week program offered to new mothers and fathers, which provides information and addresses issues as well common concerns associated with the arrival of a new born child. This program is offered at the MDAM office on February 5, 12, 26 and March 5 2017. To register for this program please contact Charlotte at 204-942-8715.

7th Annual Mental Health Conference


The 2017 National Mental Health conference is scheduled March 15-17 2016 at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites. To register please visit the Mental Health Conference Page. For more information please contact Rebecca Marinos, Conference Manager through phone 650-888-2654 or through email.

Shoppers Run for Women

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The Shoppers Drug Mart’s annual Run for Women raises awareness of women’s mental health illnesses within Canada. This years run will be held on May 14 2017 in Winnipeg. The event will hold a 5K run/walk, 10K run/walk and Little Girls 1K run/walk. For more information please visit the Shoppers Run for Women web page or contact Charlotte, MDAM Director of development through phone 204.942.8715 or email.

The Mental Health First Aid Course


The Mental Health First Aid course provides explanations of mental health, mental illness and mental health problems. The course discusses signs and symptoms of common mental health problems and crisis situations and provides information about effective interventions and treatments. The length of the course is 2 days, offered at the MDAM office (100-4 Fort St.) and the cost is $100. The dates are listed below. For more information please contact Charlotte through email or at 204-786-0987.

Course Dates
November 19-20 2016
December 3-4 2016
January 21-22 2017
February 11-12 2017
March 25-26 2017
April 22-23 2017
May 27-28 2017
June 24-25 2017

Cognitive Behaviour Program

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The Cognitive Behavior course is designed to equip individuals with a necessary skill set, which may be used to identify, assist as well as resolve issues related to mental health. This course is free of charge and for ages 16 and up. MDAM is also offering a 6 week cognitive course presented by Tina Holland on Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27 & March 6 2017 at 6-8pm at the St.Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, 2400 Portage Ave. The cost of this 6 week course is $40. For more information or to register, please contact Charlotte through email or at 204-786-0987.


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Charlotte Sytnyk, director of development at MDAM and volunteer Kirsten discuss residential treatment centers in the United States while addressing the issues regarding treatment in Canada. To view click here.

Manitoba Health Care Survey


MDAM would like to encourage citizens of Manitoba to respond to the survey with their health care needs. To access survey click here

Breakfast focused on youth mental health


Winnipeggers gather at Robert A. Steen Community Centre for breakfast and to learn more about the importance of connecting Winnipeg youth with mental health supports – a priority in United Way’s Three Years for a Better Winnipeg plan.

To view the entire article click here
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bella.BALAS Donates $700 to MDAM


Yvette Preston (left) wearing a bella.BALAS outfit, she had successfully bid on, hands Charlotte a cheque for over $700. The money donated will be used to support MDAM’s programs.

Sell the house to save the child


Kirsten shares her story involving depression and suicide in this CBC article. Kristen’s daughter had experienced depression and suicidal tendencies and was unable to get the help she needed in Manitoba. Kristen had then decided to seek assistance elsewhere, specifically in the United states, in a mental health care facility dedicated to 24/7 care. To read the full article, click here.

Teen’s suicide note criticizes mental health care for youth — and so does her mom


Jaedra’s suicide note reveals the problems associated with seeking out proper mental health care in the province. Her mother Melissa also addresses these all too common problems. To view entire article, click here.

Suicide can happen to any family


Bev Geddes, a mother whose son had died from suicide shares her personal story. Her son, Colin was 19 years old when he died of suicide. Bev reveals, Colin had suffered from depression during his teens, but seemed to have overcome it. However, things drastically took a turn for the worst and Colin had decided to end his life. To view the full article, click here.

Bonnie Bricker wants to help parents see red flags of mental heath


MDAM’s Bonnie Bricker shares her personal experience with suicide. Her son, Reid had died of suicide at the young age of 33. Reid had shown many ‘red flags’ since the age of 4, Bonnie had stated, adding it would have been a great benefit if she had a peer support group to reach out to for advice. To read the entire article click here.

Loss, Acceptance and Hope TV Show


Shaw TV and MDAM present Loss, Acceptance and Hope, stories from 4 mothers living in the aftermath of their child’s death by suicide, part 1 premieres Sunday October 2nd at 7pm and part 2 on Monday, October 3rd at 9pm on Shaw TV Channel 9.

Mom:’I saw no signs’ son wanted to kill himself’


MDAM’s Judy Dunn opens up about her experience with suicide. Her son Andrew, had experienced depression throughout his teens and at 23 years of age had committed suicide. Shortly after Judy had created an event entitled the Andrew Dunn walk in order to raise awareness regarding mental health and suicide. This year the event had raised $70,000. To view the article click here

Mom of suicide victim speaks up ‘for her’


Melissa Winter’s discusses her experience with depression and suicide. Her daughter Jaedra had committed suicide at the age of 17. Melissa is sharing her story in hopes of raising awareness of mental health and teen suicide. To view the article click here

Amying for a Cure raises over $20,000 for MDAM


The campaign Amying for a Cure raised $20,248.19 for the MDAM organization. Thank you to everyone behind this wonderful campaign and to all of the individuals whom donated!!!

Thompson’s Defeat Depression raises $5,500 for MDAM


What a wonderful event and it sounds like it was a success in that the fundraising total and number of participants were up (record 102 participants and profit for MDAM Thompson Branch of $5,500).Thank you to everyone who attended.

Windsor Park Collegiate, raises $785.15 for MDAM

Windsor Park Collegiate presented MDAM with a cheque for $785.15!! Windsor park has held several fundraising events over the past few months, to raise money in support of mental health awareness. Thank you Windsor Park Collegiate for helping such a great cause!!