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The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba is a self-help organization dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy for those living with mental health illnesses.



Learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment options for common mental illnesses. We aim to equip individuals, families and friends with the resources to cope with mood disorders in daily life.



A state of low mood that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings, and sense of well-being.

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Child & Adolescent

Constant low mood, low energy and negative thoughts may be caused by depression or another mood disorder. Here's what to do.

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Bipolar disorder, causes severe fluctuation in mood, with periods of depression and periods of mania.

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Bullying and cyberbullying are intentional acts of aggression, intimidation and abuse toward a targeted individual.

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A chronic illness which causes an individual to engage in compulsive substance abuse or behavioral abuse, despite adverse consequences.

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Personality Disorders

A mental health disorder associated with severe instability in an individual’s mood, behavior or self-image.

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Message from Board Chair, Pamela Mann

It is with great sadness that we announce that Barb Bogart has passed away.  Barb was our Outreach manager in Central Region for many years.

Those that knew her best, understood that in spite of her own mental health struggles she was committed to helping others.

Barb worked for MDAM but also put in many extra hours of work to help others on their journey to hope and recovery.

Barb had been ill with pneumonia and we received word that she died on Friday February 28.

The website for the funeral home is:

The website says there will be no service, but there is a place on the website to write a tribute or send a message of condolence.

On behalf of MDAM, we thank Barb for her many years of service helping others,  and send our prayers out to her and those who love her.


Pamela Mann


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